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CNC + Laser Machine

SISMA now combines the power of different expertises for the development of new solution for innovative customers. After the entry level FRX300 for CNC machining on precious metals, now TWIN-E is the synthesis of SISMA micro-mechanics and laser-technology. This all-in-one machine is designed for almost unlimited combination of milling with diamond-cutting and laser processing. Thanks to the precise control of the working axes, the machine transfer the right sequence of effects designed on the graphic software, into the metal for masscreation of special items in automatic working cycle (set and forget).
Working areaAxis X:300 mm
Axis Y:350 mm
Axis Z:200 mm
Axes speed20.000 mm/min
Axes precision+/-0,01mm
Axes resolution2 micron
Pressured electrospindle60,00 rpm/min
Changing toolAutomatic
Main supply230V - 1ph -50/60 Hz
Additional possibillitiesMilling, Diamond Fan ,3D,Feeding plate,4 and 5 axis

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