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MYSINT 100 PM/RM, 3D selective laser fusion printer for metal powder.

Thanks to the patented Tilting Coater, MYSINT 100 PM/RM offers reduced re-coating times, increasing the production capacity.

Each machining parameter and the entire production strategy are fully customizable to adapt to every specific need.

The stable and uniform flow of inert gases ensures the best fusion stability minimizing consumption (patented system).

Technical Details

Building volume - Volume di lavorointerchangeable cylinders Ø 100 mm x 80 mm - 63,5 mm x 80 mm - 34,5 mm x 80 mm
Laser source - Sorgente laserFiber Laser 200 W
Precision optics - Ottiche di precisioneQuartz F-Theta Lens
Laser spot diameter - Diametro spot laser30 μm
Typical layer thickness - Spessore tipico layer20 μm - 40 μm (adjustable/regolabile)
Power supply - Alimentazione elettrica220-240 V 1ph - 50/60 Hz
Max power absorbed - Potenza massima assorbita1,53 kW
Inert gas - Gas inertiNitrogen, Argon - Azoto, Argon
Inert gas supply - Rifornimento gas inerte6 mm / 2.5 ÷ 5bar @ 35 L/min
Inert gas consumption - Consumo gas inerte<0,3 L/min @ 0,5% O2
O2 concentration - Concentrazione O2100 ppm
Machine dimensions - Dimensioni macchina1390 mm x 777 mm x 1600 mm (LxWxH)
Net weight - Peso netto650 kg

SISMA MYSINT100 Jewellery Application

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